Questions and answers

1) Are all the coins sold in your online shop original?

 We sell only the original coins. We do not attend to sale of the replicas of coins (with the exception of so-called replicas from era); in this case – the appropriate information is stated directly in the auction description)..

Every coin sold by us has our LIFETIME QUARANTEE OF ORIGINALITY. It means that, if after 2, 3… 50 years it turns out that the coin bought from us is not original, we will refund your money.

2) I have not received my package. What now?

So far we have sent thousands of parcels almost to every corner of the world and - fortunately! – our packages are very rarely lost.

However, if the package does not arrive on time, please contact us: - we will inform you about the date of shipment, we will contact the post office. We will help to solve the problem.


3) Can I return the coin or make a complaint about it?

Yes. Within 14 days you can return the coin without giving any reason and we will refund your payment. If you want to return or complain, complete the form and return the purchase to us.


4) Do you send coins abroad?

Yes, we send coins to every corner of the world. Attention! In accordance with Polish law we do not send abroad old coins which are worth more than PLN 16000.00.

5) What methods of shipment are available? What is the cost of shipment?

The coin is solidly protected against possible damage during transport and packed in a bubble envelope.

Details of shipping can be found in the "Shipping and Payment"


6) Can I get a discount?

Our regular Customers get occasional discounts on purchasing in our store. Are you interested in a discount? Contact us at:

7) How can I contact you?

We prefer e-mail contact:

but you can also call us: (+48) 608-806-853


8) I would like to sell/price the old coin. How can I do it?

Write an email at: We will guide you through it :)


9) I would like to receive additional photo(s) in a higher resolution. How can I get it/them?

 Write an email at:

10) Is it possible to receive the goods personally?

Regarding the personal receiving in EMPORIUM Mariusz Krasowiak headquarters, please contact us by email (

We are not always on-site, although nothing is impossible. :)


11) Why the cost of shipment of registered letter item (priority) amounted to PLN 11.00, whereas according to the price list of Polish Post it is PLN 8.80?

We are the company registered as VAT payer. It means, that to the price of shipment imposed by Polish Post (PLN 8.80) we have to pay VAT at 23% (in this case: PLN 2.04). Altogether we pay PLN 10.82 for the shipment (PLN 8.80 to the Polish Post and PLN 2.04 to the government). To this we must add the cost of the bubble envelope and the coin holder etc., so we get the amount of PLN PLN 11.00.

Our company do not make profit on shipments – in our opinion it would be unprofessional, dishonest and indicate the lack of respect for our Customers.


12) What is a Certificate of Authenticity?

The certificate is an A4 document printed on decorative, high-quality paper confirming the originality of the purchased coin.
The certificate contains photos and a description of the coin (e.g. face value, date of mintage, mint, ruler, etc.) as well as the signature and company seal.

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