About us


The first collection of coins I have got from my grandfather (a numismatic collector) as a teenage boy. Gradually, I have extending my collection taking pre-war polish coins and coins of the Teutonic Order into special consideration. Over the years my collector’s passion has transformed into a professional numismatic activity, which has effected among other things in a creation of the online store krasowiak.pl. I am responsible for a pricing and buying coins, a numismatic consultancy and a coordination of actions leading to a development of our numismatic activity.

I have earned a Master’s degree of Science in Marketing of small companies. I am a certified specialist for the art and the antiquarian market. I am passionate about the history of Poland and adore journeys and biking.

My Wife

Until 2006 she did not distinguish between a denar and a ducat. The first contact with collector’s coin she had thanks to bridegroom-to-be, who used to tell with passion about a multiplicity of types of 3 groszy (trojak) of Zygmunt III Waza. She is in charge of a service of your orders, graphics of our online store and photos of coins. She also keeps accounts.

The new generation of numismatists

Having a choice between PLN 2.0 and bracteate of Leszek Bialy, up to now he chooses and takes out the first one. He makes zealously holes in holders to check out how many strawberries could be squeezed into. We do not lose hope that someday he will take our family hobby seriously, in a little bit more professional manner. :)