Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Hereby privacy policy specifies the rules of gathering, processing and using personal data obtained by the Internet store led at (hereafter called The Site) by Emporium Mariusz Krasowiak with headquarters in Komorniki, Widokowa 35/1, (hereafter called the Internet Store).

The Internet Store makes every effort in order to respect your privacy and protect personal information obtained while using the Site and making purchase in the store. We undertake all necessary measures.

Online store, in accordance with the requirements of the law, registered a collection of personal data in the register maintained by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO).

What data does the Internet Store automatically gathers during the usage of the site?

The Internet Store does not gather in an automatic way any data, except for those contained in cookies files during the usage of the Site.

Cookies files are small text files send by the internet store and stored on your computer. They contain some information connected with the usage of Site and Internet Store. Cookies files are used by the internet store in order to enable the operational activity, provide you with interesting information and during the purchase process by, for example, remembering previous purchases.

Cookies files used by the Internet store may have temporary or permanent nature. Temporary cookies files are removed at the moment the browser is closed. The permanent files are stored also when the usage of the Site was ended. They are used to store such information as: password or login, which fastens and facilitates the usage of the Site. At any time you may block the cookies files installation or remove the permanent cookies files using the appropriate options of your internet browser. If problems occur, we recommend to use the help file in your browser or contact the producer of the browser that you use.

Besides cookies files Internet store may also gather the data commonly collected by the administrators of Internet systems within so called logs or log files. The information in logs may contain, inter alia, your IP address, the type of platform and Internet browser, Internet provider and the address of the site from which you entered the Site. Some subpages within the Site as well as other means of Communications with our clients may contain so called „Web beacons” (electronic pictures). Web beacons enable to obtain such information as, for example: computer IP address, on which the site has been loaded or on which the web beacon was placed, URL number of the site, the time of page loading, the type of browser and the information contained in cookies which allow to evaluate the effectiveness of our commercials.  This data will be stored to make statistical analysis and evaluation of the global traffic of Site users. This data will not be connected with the personal data that you provided.

Shop, as required by law, has registered the collection of personal data in the register maintained by the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (GIODO) under number 38160215 and 38170215.

What data does the Internet store gather during the registration and purchase?

During the purchase and registration process the Internet store will gather, by means of the Site and other forms of communication, following personal data:
1) name and surname,
2) address of permanent residence,
3) address for correspondence, if different from address of permanent residence,
4) e-mail address,
5) telephone number.

Providing the aforementioned data is voluntary, but necessary to make a registration and purchase within the Site.

You are entitled to have and access to the content of your personal data and the right to amend it. In order to implement this right, please use the options within your account, write at the e-mail address: or phone us on: +48 608 806 853.

Marketing aspects of the Internet Store

If you agree (by signing up the newsletter), the e-mail address you provided will be used for the marketing purposes of Internet Store products. The consent may be annulled at any time.

Sharing the information

In order to complete the agreement the Internet store may share data gathered from you with the following subjects: banks, forwarding companies in order to fulfill a payment for placed order and the realization of delivery. In such cases the amount of shared data is limited to the required minimum.

Moreover, if the applicable law requires it, the information you provided may be shared with the competent authorities.

Technical means and your obligations

The Internet store makes every effort in order to secure your personal data and protect it from the actions of third parties. We take all necessary security measures concerning servers, connections and the Site in order to protect your personal data, in particular, from acquisition and modification by unauthorized persons during transmission over the Internet. If you decide to make an electronic payment, all Internet connections will proceed via secure, encrypted connection. 

Nevertheless, if you will not maintain the safety rules, our preventive actions may be insufficient. You should be especially cautious with your login and password to the Site and do not share it with third parties. Please remember that the internet store will not ask you to fill it in, excluding the moment you log in [???]. You should log out after the end of the usage of the Site in order to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your account on the Website.

How can you use enjoy your rights?

You have a right to preview and edit your personal data at any time, within the Site, after logging in with your e-mail address and password. If you forget your password or there are other problems connected with logging, please contact us on:

You have a right to demand the access to your personal data we have stored on you at any time, as well as the right to change, block or remove it, correct the mistakes, supplement or update your data.  You are also enabled to refuse to process your data for marketing purposes. In order to make this refusal, please contact us on:

Questions and concerns

Questions and concerns referring to hereby Privacy Policy may be sent to:





(+48) 608-806-853

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