Denar Bolesław I the Brave PragueDenar Bolesław I the Brave Prague
Denar Bolesław I the Brave Prague
Denar Bolesław I the Brave Prague
very rare denarius from the time of the conquest of Prague by Boleslaw I the Brave,
obverse: the letters BA and the hand of providence,
reverse: chapel with a cross and the inscription "HAEI",
very rare letter variation: SATASATHYESRCA / TVEATVERNVEREA,
differences from the most popular version:
on the obverse:
- the first letter "T" is missing on the obverse,
- additional third letter A on the obverse,
- no dot;
b) an additional letter "V" on the reverse,
the specimen clearly and centrally stamped,
coin without bends with a beautiful old patina,
the most beautiful specimen of this coin that has appeared in trade in recent years,
in a similar condition, but in a popular version, appeared at the Fritz Rudolf Künker auction in 2010, where he reached the price of EUR 18,000 without auction fees,
silver, 20 mm, 1,39 g
guarantee of originality

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